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The State Laws of Massachusetts

The State Laws of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Abortion Laws

• Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion in Massachusetts: Illegal abortion refers to the knowing destruction of an unborn child or intentional expulsion or removal of the unborn child from the womb.

•  Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion in Massachusetts: For pregnancies under 24 weeks: Abortion may be performed in the state only by a medical professional and only if the medical professional believes it is in the party's best interest under the circumstances. For pregnancies beyond 24 weeks: A medical professional must provide written statement that the abortion is:

1) necessary to save life of mother;

2) continuation of pregnancy will impose substantial risk of serious physical or mental injury. In the state, no procedure can be performed which destroys or injures the fetus unless the medical professional believes that available procedures would pose a greater risk to the mother. All reasonable steps must be taken to preserve life and health of both the fetus and the carrying mother.

•    Penalty for Illegal Abortion: Violation of standards of performing legal abortion: fine of $500 to $2,000 and/or imprisonment 3 months to 5 years; violation of written consent and physician filing requirements: $100-2000 fine

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws

•    Possession: 6 months and/or $500; Subsequent offense: 2 yrs. and/or $2000; Over 50 lbs. is trafficking

•    Sale: 1-2 yrs. and/or $500 to $5000; Subsequent offense: 1-2.5 yrs. and/or $1000 to $10,000

•    Trafficking: 50-100 lbs.: 2.5-15 yrs. and $500 to $10,000; 100-2000 lbs.: 3-15 yrs. and $2500 to $25,000; 2000-10,000 lbs.: 5-15 yrs. and $5000 to $50,000; Over 10,000 lbs.: 10-15 yrs. and $20,000 to $200,000

Massachusetts DWI and DUI Laws

•  Massachusetts imposes zero tolerance laws in the event that a driver below the legal age is suspected to be unlawfully operating a motor vehicle; the state's Zero Tolerance Blood Alcohol Content Level (BAC) is set at .02%

•    The standard BAC in the state is .08%

•    Penalties for a DUI/DWI in Mass: 1 year license suspension for first offense, 2 years for 3rd offense, and 8 years for 3rd offense. With multiple offenses, mandatory alcohol education and treatment assessment is required. Moreover, vehicle confiscation may be initiated and an ignition interlock device may be placed on the driver's vehicle.

•   When a driver receives a DUI/DWI conviction, the individual is subject to the loss of driving privileges for no less than 90 days’; penalties range upwards of 1 year

Massachusetts Gun Laws

•    Illegal firearms in Massachusetts include: Machine guns or sawed-off shotgun and any firearm with an altered ID or serial number; silencers are also illegal in Massachusetts

•   The following individuals may not own a firearm in the state: 1. Illegal aliens; 2. Convicted felons; 3. Those who possess a history of severe alcohol or drug abuse; 4. Any individual under the age of 18 yrs. (individual between the ages of 15-18 may own a firearm only with parents' permission); 5. Any person who has previously been confined in a mental institution for mental illness

•    Massachusetts law requires all firearm owners to be licensed through their local police department. All applications, fees, interviews and fingerprinting procedures are processed at the local police department.

•    The state has some of the most stringent laws in regards to ownership and use; Massachusetts institutes five different licenses for gun owners.

Massachusetts Adoption Laws

•    Any person younger than the adopted may be adopted

•   Consent is required for children older than 12

•    The following individuals may adopt in the state of Massachusetts: Adults, may, subject to certain exceptions, petition for adoption any person younger than themselves; petitioner may not adopt their brother, sister, spouse, aunt, uncle of whole or half-blood

Massachusetts Employment and Labor Laws

•    Within the state of Massachusetts, the minimum wage is 7 dollars and 15 cents awarded per hour of labor

Massachusetts Death Penalty Laws 

•    Massachusetts does not practice capital punishment

Massachusetts Gambling Laws

•    Horse racing wagering is legal

•    Dog racing wagering is legal

•  All unsanctioned structures intended to house gambling activity is regarded as illegal in the state of Massachusetts