The State Laws of Arizona

The State Laws of Arizona

The State Laws of Arizona

Arizona Abortion Laws
•   Abortions will be deemed as legal when the procedure is ruled necessary to preserve the life or health of the carrying mother. Abortions can only take place after sanctioned medical review – only licensed medical professionals are permitted review and perform cases of abortion within the state of Arizona
•   Illegal abortions occur when the health and wellbeing of the mother is not endangered; moreover, illegal abortions are defined as procedures that drift away from the legal and authorized medical protocol. In Arizona, public funds may be used for abortions in sexual assault and incest cases.
•    Arizona abortion laws are codified in section 13-3603; 36-2152 of the state’s constitution.
•    Illegal abortion in Arizona refers to any termination of a fetus by drug or instrument with intent to procure a miscarriage. Partial birth abortions are considered felonies unless the operations were administered to save the life of the mother.
•   Legal abortion in Arizona refers to any termination that is necessary to preserve the life of the mother.
•    The penalty for an unlawful abortion in Arizona is imprisonment from 2 to 5 years.
•    Written consent of one parent of legal guardian if unmarried is required by court order.
Arizona Marijuana Laws
•    Arizona marijuana laws are found in Code Section 13-3401, 3405; 36-2501, et seq.
•    Possession of marijuana under 2 lb.: Class 6 felony, 2-4 lbs.: Class 5 felony; 4 lbs. and over: Class 4 felony, fine of no less than $750 or 3 times the value of the controlled substance—whichever is greater.
•    Sale of marijuana under 2 lbs.: Class 4 felony; 2-4 lbs.” Class 3 felony; over 4 lbs.: Class 2 felony: fine of the greater of $750 or 3 times value of substance; Sale within drug-free school zone: add 1 year to sentence and fine of $2000
•    Trafficking of marijuana: less than 2 lbs.: Class 5 felony; 2-4 lbs.: Class 4 felony; Over 4 lbs.: Class 3 felony; Transporting/importing: less than 2 lbs.: Class 3 felony; Over 2 lbs.: Class 2 felonies.

Arizona Gun Laws
•    Arizona law does not require a state permit to purchase, firearm registration, nor a license of ownership for long or handguns. 
•    Carry permits are required for both forms of guns. 
Arizona Adoption Laws
In Arizona, any law-abiding citizen deemed as possessing a sound mind and  strong moral character is permitted to adopt a child:
•    Within the state of Arizona, and individual must maintain residence for a period of no less than 6 months
•    In Arizona, any person may be adopted; children over the age of 14 must express consent 
•    Within the state of Arizona, the Department of Family Services mandates all adoptions
Arizona Employment and Labor Laws
•  The minimum wage, in Arizona, is currently set at 5 dollars and 15 cents awarded per hour of labor
Arizona Divorce Laws
•    A divorce must be filed subsequent to 60 days residence within the state of Arizona; in the event that an individual –or individuals – were married in Arizona and lived there on a continuous basis, a time constraint for filing does not exist
•    ‘No Fault’ divorce does exist on the grounds of irreconcilable differences
Arizona Death Penalty Laws 
Capital Punishment, in Arizona, is legal; however, regulations exist concerning the implementation of the procedure:

•    Capital punishment may be authorized for 1st degree murders with mitigating factors.
•    The minimum age to issue the death penalty is 15.
•    The method of execution is lethal injection. Previous capital convictions or homicides, or previous convictions of a serious offense may warrant capital punishment in Arizona.
Arizona Gambling Laws
•    Horse racing, in Arizona, is deemed legal 
•    Dog racing is not allowed on same day as daytime horse races in the same county
•    Casinos run for profit are banned.




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