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The State Laws of Kentucky

The State Laws of Kentucky

Kentucky Abortion Laws

• Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion in Kentucky: Abortion is deemed illegal in the state of Kentucky after the fetus is determined as viable. After this ruling, abortion is only legal if the procedure is necessary to preserve the health or life of the carrying woman.

•   Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion in Kentucky: Abortion is regarded as legal if a medical professional determines that the procedure is necessary; to affirm such a ruling, the medical professional must also secure the opinion of an additional professional. Abortion in Kentucky is permitted during first trimester; and after viability of fetus, only to preserve life or health of mother

Kentucky Marijuana Laws

•  Possession of Marijuana is regarded as a Class A misdemeanor for any amount under 5 plants and a class D felony for over 5 plants

•  Kentucky marijuana laws classify selling under 8 oz. as a class A misdemeanor. For subsequent offenses: Class D felony; 8 oz. to 5 lbs. and Class C felony for subsequent offense Over 5 lbs.: and Class B felony for subsequent offense

Kentucky Gun Laws

•    Permit to purchase, firearms registrations, and ownership licenses are not required for long guns and handguns

•    A carry permit is required for handguns, but not for long guns

•    Kentucky does not institute assault weapons laws

•    There is no waiting period to acquire a firearm in Kentucky

•    Illegal arms include: armor piercing ammunition and defaced firearms

•    The following individuals are not permitted to own a firearm in Kentucky: Convicted felons who are not granted a pardon; individuals under the age of 18 (firearm may be purchased for hunting or with permission from a parent)

Kentucky Adoption Laws

•    Any person may be adopted

•    Consent is required for the adoption of children over the age of 12

•    Any person over the age of 18 who is a resident of or who has resided in Kentucky for 12 months immediately preceding the filing may adopt in Kentucky. Husband and wife must petition jointly

Kentucky Employment and Labor Laws

•    Within the state of Kentucky, the minimum wage is 7 dollars and 15 cents awarded per hour of labor

Kentucky Death Penalty Laws 

•    Capital punishment is authorized in Kentucky

•    The minimum age is 16

•    Kidnapping (if victim is not released alive or dies later) and homicide are the felonies that may warrant capital punishment in the state

•    Lethal injection is the method of execution