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The State Laws of Florida

The State Laws of Florida

Florida Abortion Laws

•    Statutory definition of illegal abortion in Florida: The termination of pregnancy during the last trimester.

•    Statutory definition of legal abortion in Florida: Procedure is ruled permissible if it is necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the carrying mother. To be regarded as legal, mother must attain 2 physicians’ approvals

Florida Marijuana Laws

•    Possession: 3rd degree felony; Under 20 grams: 1st degree misdemeanor; In excess of 25 lbs. is regarded as trafficking (1st degree felony)

•    Sale:3rd degree felony, unless less than 20 g. for no consideration, then 1st degree misdemeanor

Florida Gun Laws

•   Permit to purchase is not required in Florida for handguns or long guns

•    Carry permit must be issued for handguns, but not long guns

•    Assault weapon law is not followed by Florida

•    Waiting Period of 3 days

•    Illegal arms: short-barreled rifle or shotgun, machine guns

•    Who may not own: Minors under 21, convicted felons, individuals convicted or committed for abuse of a controlled substance within the last 3 years, anyone who habitually abuses alcohol, has been incapacitated, been committed to mental ward, and person subject to injunction against committing acts of domestic violence

Florida Adoption Laws

•    Any person may be adopted in Florida

•    Age that Child’s Consent is required: 12 years and older unless court dispenses with consent in best interest of the child

•    Who may adopt: An unmarried adult who is no homosexual. Married person must be joined by spouse unless such spouse is parent and consents, or failure to join in consent is excused

•    Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services presides over adoption in Florida

Florida Divorce Laws

Within the state of Florida, a divorce is defined as the termination of a marriage, which can occur upon a decision set forth by one or both partners involved in the marriage:

•    A divorce must be filed subsequent to 60 days residence within the state of Florida; in the event that an individual –or individuals – were married in Florida and lived there on a continuous basis, a time constraint for filing does not exist

•    ‘No Fault’ divorce does exist on the grounds of irreconcilable differences

Florida Death Penalty Laws

•    Capital Punishment is allowed in Florida

•    Individuals are exempt from execution if they are insane or pregnant

•    Homicide and capital drug trafficking are the only crimes that would warrant the death penalty in Florida

•    Lethal injection is the method of execution unless the person sentenced to death opts for electrocution

Florida Gambling Laws

•    Off-track and inter-track betting is allowed. Pari-mutual wagering meets of horse racing, quarter horse racing and harness racing is permitted

•    Pari-mutuel wagering on greyhound racing allowed with permit. Off-track and inter-track wagering is allowed

•    Pari-mutuel-style, not casino-style card rooms are permitted. Tribal gaming pursuant to Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is legal in Florida. All other gambling devices are prohibited.