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The State Laws of Louisiana

The State Laws of Louisiana

Louisiana Abortion Laws

•    Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion in Louisiana: Abortion is deemed as unlawful if the medical professional and the carrying woman engage in a deliberate termination of the female ovum. Partial Birth Abortion is also unlawful in the state; however, the procedure is allowed when it is determined as necessary to save the life of the carrying mother.

•    Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion in Louisiana: Termination of a pregnancy is deemed legal when the operation preserves life, the health of the mother and/or fetus; in this situation an additional physician must be present for the abortion of a viable fetus.

•    Penalties for Unlawful Abortion in Louisiana: Crime of abortion: 1-10 yrs., imprisoned at hard labor and $10,000-100,000 fine; Fine not exceeding $1000 or imprisonment of up to 2 yrs. An individual who terminates a viable baby during labor is subject to life imprisonment, except when the procedure is initiated to save the life of the child or the mother.

Louisiana Marijuana Laws

•    Possession: Up to 6 mos. in parish jail and/or up to $500; Second conviction of this amount: up to 5 yrs. and/or up to $2000; Subsequent convictions: up to 20 yrs; 60-2000 lbs.: 10-60 yrs. hard labor and $50,000 to $100,000; 2000-10,000 lbs.: 20-80 yrs. hard labor and $100,000 to $400,000; Over 10,000 lbs.: 50-80 yrs. hard labor and $400,000 to $1,000,000

Louisiana Gun Laws

•    Louisiana is a “shall issue” state for the right to carry a concealed weapon.

•    A permit to purchase and a license of ownership is not required in Louisiana.

•    Applicants for the right to carry a concealed weapon must pass an NICS background check in addition to passing a handgun proficiency test by completing a training course.

•    Illegal firearms in Louisiana include: Machine and submachine guns or those with altered serial numbers

•    There is no waiting period to acquire a firearm in the state

•  These individuals are not permitted to own a firearm in the state: Those convicted of: murder, manslaughter, substance abuse laws and aggravated; any individual convicted of a violent crime or those individuals convicted of a sex offense or an attempt to commit any of the above.

Louisiana Adoption Laws

•    Any child or adult may be adopted in Louisiana

•    There is no consent required for children to be adopted

•    Any single person 18 years of age or older, or married couple jointly may adopt

Louisiana Employment and Labor Laws

•    Within the state of Louisiana, the minimum wage is 7 dollars and 15 cents awarded per hour of labor

Louisiana Death Penalty Laws 

•    Capital punishment is allowed in Louisiana

•    There is no minimum age for the death penalty

•    Treason and homicide are the charges that may warrant the death penalty

•    Lethal injection is the method of execution

Louisiana Gambling Laws

•    Horse racing wagering is legal

•    Dog racing wagering is prohibited

•    Riverboat gambling is allowed. Casinos are allowed in selected jurisdictions.